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Please send us your Early Years Questions

FVS is pleased to be hosting a group of early years professionals as part of our annual event.

We want to put your questions to them!

Please share your questions or experiences about social development and behaviour with us. Are you the parent of a 0-6 year old? Do you remember the milestones, challenges and or joys of parenting a little one with additional needs? What was different? What help did you need?

Where do you find support? What can you expect to see in your child?

Can you also share your questions or experiences about feeding/eating and sleeping. Is your child able to eat or do they need medical support? How do you wean a child with additional needs? What to do when your child doesn’t sleep? How do additional needs make parenting different? What would you tell your younger self? If you are in the middle of this time with your child, what are your burning questions?

Please email with all the questions you have.

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