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Local Offer website- We need your help!

Local Offer website- We need your help!

Thank you for taking an interest in testing the new SEND Local Offer website that SCC are building. Right now, they are putting it all together, so it’s a really good time to check whether they have structured all the information effectively.

The following link will take you to some short online tests which will help them understand how people will use the website.

Each test presents tasks that we would like you to try to complete. There are no right or wrong answers, they simply want to see the way real people would navigate the website to find information.

We know your time is precious but if you can spare 20 mins to continue helping they would really appreciate you trying the tests so they can make it as user friendly as possible.

Click on the link for instructions and how to get started:

This link will be available until the 12th November 2021

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