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Important Recognising You Awards Updates!

Celebrity Guest Host!

The UVP Team are SO excited to announce Dick and Dom will be co-hosting the Recognising You Awards 2021!

For those who do not know, Dick and Dom have built a diverse portfolio of programming over the years across different genres including Diddy Movies, Splatalot, The Legend of Dick and Dom, which received BAFTA nominations for all three series. They are seasoned entertainers, the duo have been entertaining for over two decades and are brilliant awards hosts!

Make sure the children and young people who YOU work with and know don’t miss out on attending the Recognising You Awards 2021! Nominate now to give children and young people age 5 – 25 linked to Surrey the opportunity to experience a fun filled evening celebrating them!


So far they have 317 nominations! A huge thank-you to those who have already nominated, we can’t wait to congratulate and celebrate with our children and young people!

If you haven’t nominated a child or young person already, please do. If you’re working directly with a child and/or young person we would love it if they were nominated so we can celebrate their achievements – there is no nomination too small. Remember the Time for Kids principle:

Give children and young people a sense of belonging and encourage them to shine!

Everyone nominated will receive an award alongside an invite! The deadline for the Recognising You Award nominations is the 7th November 2021, please ensure you’ve nominated all of your children and young people by this date, we wouldn’t want any child or young person missing out!

Nominate via this link

A huge thank you as always for taking the time to read this and help us give children and young people the recognition they all deserve.

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