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Top Concerns shared by parents - May 2020

FVS welcomes the readiness of SEND senior officers to listen to the concerns we raised with them on behalf of SEND families.

Top Concerns shared by parents in May were:

  1. Delay in naming appropriate school or college placements for this September for children and young people with EHCPs at a key Transition stage.

  2. Poor practice RE EHCP plans including unspecified advice, outcomes that are not SMART, provision removed following Annual Review without evidence to support the change, failure to include right of appeal advice when final plans are issues, long delays in issuing amended plan following Annual Review

  3. Communication problems: difficulty contacting caseworkers or other SEND officers, not being told of a change of caseworker, long delays in responding to informal enquiries and formal complaints, incomplete responses to complaints.

Please read their detailed response here and their covering statement and message to families below:

Sandra Bingham and Sandra Morrison are the Assistant Directors for Vulnerable Learning with responsibility for a range of services including SEND. They are experienced Leaders and Managers and in the short time they have been with Surrey have identified a number of activities that are required to improve the customer care and the quality of the service received by parents and young people with SEND. They understand the EHC assessment process is complex and a time of high anxiety for parents. However, they are committed to working with parents and using the feedback they provide to improve the experience of parents and young people.  

‘We are committed to working with parents and improving the service they receive’ - Sandra B and Sandra M

To help us to represent you more effectively, please continue to share your experiences with us: and please tell other SEND parent carers about our work and encourage them to become members of Family Voice Surrey: It’s free and simple to join and we hold your contact details securely. We never share personal information unless you give us permission to do so. The more our membership grows, the stronger our collective influence and voice becomes.

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