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Burning Issues - June 2020

Read more about the burning issues mentioned in our June 2020 newsletter:

Eating Disorders

If you have any concerns, particularly recently, related to a change in your child’s eating, a change in their eating habits or a sudden change in their weight, you can access support via the dedicated Eating Disorder Team which is provided via Mindsight CAMHS. There is an option for parents to self-refer and to discuss any concerns you may have about your child or young person and this can be done by contacting the team on 01372 206 325. The following attachments also give more information about this service.

Direct Payments and PPE

If you need PPE to look after your child or young person and are struggling to get hold of items, we’ve been asked to remind you that your social worker can get you some supplies. The service was able to procure PPE, but it has not been much in demand.

Direct Payments – Adult Social Care

If you currently receive a Direct Payments package via Adult Social Care and your son or daughter is aged between 18-25 you should have received a second letter giving details about the change in hourly rate for PA’s. A copy of this letter and also an easy read version can be found on the homepage on the SILC website. This can be accessed via this link:

Adult Social Care are asking individual families to contact their relevant finance team to discuss individual arrangements and have stressed as outlined in the letter that no existing PA should be worse off as a result of these changes. The contact numbers for the finance teams can be found in the letter above.

New Autism Study from Birmingham University

Are you a parent/carer of an autistic child? The Autism Centre for Education & Research wants to know about your experience of education in lockdown. Link to anonymous survey, please share:

"Contact" findings from Lockdown research - click here to read

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