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Future Focus - Surrey County Council 2019/20 and 5 year plan setting timetable

By the time we resume our main activities in early September there is about 10 weeks to Council approval date of the ‘Vision for Surrey 2030’, the draft 2019/20 budget and plan, and the new longer look 5+ years plan in November, 3 months earlier than previous years – see support dates below through to final approval in February 2019:

  • Council meeting - February 2019 – final approval

  • Council meeting – 13 Nov (previous meeting 9 Oct) – draft approval

  • Cabinet – 30 Oct (previous meeting 25 Sep)

  • Corporate Overview Select Committee – 25 Oct (previous meeting 20 Sep) (One of several scrutiny committees that will go through elements of the proposals)

There is not much time for FVS and other organisations to get involved prior to the draft approval in November, particularly given the organisational/ personnel changes underway, or for the plans to be prepared in any great detail. As with the budget set in February 2018, this is likely to be ‘broad brush’, setting out directions of travel with detailed work and consultation to be done in 2019.

But there will be time for consultation on the draft budget and plan between November and February, with the final version being approved by the full Council in February.

We are engaging with the new SCC leadership and will look to be as involved as possible in working with them and their other local area partners on developing an agreed and hopefully, sustainable, way forward, starting in early September.

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