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Future Focus - Transformation of Surrey County Council

Recognising the scale of the financial, organisational and performance challenges, Surrey CC has embarked on a very major transformation programme ranging from changes in governance, to organisation and personnel changes to much deeper and more integrated partnership working.

Building on successful initiatives with clinical commissioning groups, police and local councils, much attention is being focused on identifying children, young people and families support needs at a much earlier stage and tailoring support to those needs within their local community. So, there is a focus going forward on ‘place making’, building more responsive support at community levels, based on local needs.

As an indication of the close and integrated working envisaged in the future previous SCC Local Committees for each District and Borough are being transformed to joint SCC/ D&B led ‘Joint Committees’ where:

  • Joint decision making on all functions and budgets delegated to them by the Councils

  • Faster and more local and integrated decision making to support vision of services shaped around places and communities

  • Gives a platform on which future joint arrangements can be co-ordinated

  • Currently joint Committees exist for Runnymede, Woking, Spelthorne

Recognising the value of this approach for SEND children, young people and families, FVS has been making efforts over 2018 to build district and borough teams to match the now established Early Help Advisory Boards and Local Family Partnerships. You can see paid Co-ordinator roles advertised on our Work for Us page, and there is plenty of scope for volunteer parent carers who are interested in shaping services in their communities to meet the needs of their families - just get in touch

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