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Ofsted/CQC inspection update

The Ofsted and CQC inspectors completed their week-long Local Area inspection of the SEND services in Surrey on Friday. We attended the closing session on Friday; the lead HM Inspector gave no actual feedback but explained the process they had just gone through, thanked everyone involved for their input and assistance, and described what happens next.


Ofsted and the CQC will share their final conclusions through a formal letter, which will give a narrative verdict rat...her than a grading, to be published in approximately 4 weeks from now. They will produce an initial draft quite quickly but this then goes through a series of checks by other inspectors as part of formal quality control and governance processes, with Surrey's local authority and health leads allowed a fact check before the letter is finalised.

Family Voice Surrey reps participated in many of the focus group meetings, which covered a range of areas from Early Years and Post 16 to therapies and vulnerable groups. We also had separate meetings with the Ofsted and CQC inspectors, and sent through supporting information such as our anonymised survey results, Annual Report and case studies. The inspectors also heard parent carers views in a webinar on Wednesday night, in e-mails forwarded to the inspection team and at education settings visited.

Thank you to all those who took part in the parent carer focus group and the webinar, and those who emailed their views to the inspectors; this input will have been of much value to the inspection. The lead HM Inspector made a point of saying that they had listened to and read everything submitted by families as part of their evidence gathering and that the views of the young people and parents and carers they heard from were key in helping them to form their judgement about the strengths and areas for improvement in the local area.


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